Queer Lens - IFFC 2020 Schedule

Desire? - Short Documentary

Director: Garima Kaul 29m, Hindi, 2019, India

In a country where the expression of sexuality is regulated to such an extent that it is considered profane and immoral, one might assume that asexual people lead an easier life. But the lack of interest in sex is as taboo as sex itself! Desire? engages with the daily realities of some people who identify as asexual. Through their lived experiences, it opens up a dialogue about creating small ruptures in the homogenising culture of hypersexuality.

Liberta - Documentary

Director: Savino Carbone
30m, English/French, 2019, Italy

What does it mean to be free? Two homosexual migrants talk about their status of asylum seekers. Meanwhile, the effects of the new government's migration policies are becoming tougher.

Uravugal Thodarkathai - Short Film

Director: Reghu Radhakrishnan 18m, Tamil, 2019, India

One Night a dysfunctional couple gets caught in a dramatic situation. What happens next is the short film.

Time and Again - Short Film (Award Winner - Best Short Film)

Director: Rachael Dax
27m, English, 2019, United Kingdom

Eleanor and Isabelle meet again, sixty years after their relationship break up. Will anger and bitterness doom any future relationship or will love win out in the end?

Unnamed - Short Film (Award Winner - Best Screenplay)

Director: Gao Hong, Chang Chun-Yu 29m, Chinese, English, 2019, Taiwan

A girl called Zhang Ya-Ting wants to change her name. A boy called Hong Jia-Hao wants to end his relationship with his sex buddy. The young generation cries out in frustration in this era when sexuality and self-identity have become uncategorizable.

Orin and Anto - Short Film

Director: Michael Achtman
20m, English, 2019, United Kingdom

A young, non-binary visitor to London returns to their Airbnb to find an older gay man has moved in while they were out. In a small studio flat over one turbulent night, Orin and Anto confront the queer generation gap and decide to make space for each other.

35 (Temporary Number) - Short Film

Director: Alessio Di Cosimo, Juan Diego Puerta Lopez

30m, None, 2019, Italy

Two characters, two opposing worlds. Diego is a forty- year-old man, a dental technician, lives with his elderly mother after separating from his wife. Amanda is a South American trans, living alone in a house in the Roman suburbs, that same house where she prostitutes herself every night. The two apparently different worlds will merge in a moment of passion and transgression that will culminate with an explosion of violence and hatred.

Thrive - Short Film

Director: Jamie Di Spirito
16m, English, 2019, United Kingdom


A hook-up between two young men - they make a connection, but it quickly becomes apparent they're looking for different things.

XY - Short Film

Director: Sofía Jaeger 13m, Spanish, 2018, Chile

Manuel is a 20-year-old boy, who has been dating Isidora for a month. One afternoon, he goes to her house to confess a secret that he can't hide anymore. Manuel will have to face his fears and reveal his truth.

Gay as in Happy: A Queer Anti-Tragedy - Short Documentary

Director: Jordana Valerie Allen-Shim 3m, English, 2020, Canada

An experimental auto ethnographical documentary about queer joy, resistance, and resilience in the face of abuse, trauma, and transphobia.


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